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A Project Update

Friday, July 29, 2011

 I finally finished the black table that I posted about here.  When I told you about it, many of you thought I should take the plunge and go with a bold color and I agreed.  Well, I tried it and it didn't work.  Let me re-phrase that - my guys didn't like it.

Do you see my helper?

They thought going with a green was too random.  Maybe a different green would have worked better, but I decided to go with my original plan and paint the table black.

Here it is in its new spot under the window.  I really like the new layout of our living room, by the way.  I think even my husband would agree that this is the most content I have ever been in this room.  And I'm sure his fingers are crossed that it stays this way.  The key was getting rid of the big armoire and mounting the TV above the mantle.  I fought it for years, but when it came down to it - with limited space and many doors, windows, and stairs to contend with - this was the way to go.  You may have also noticed that the striped curtains are gone.  They sold in the yard sale last weekend and have since been replaced with simple linen curtains from Ikea.  Much better.


Thanks for stopping by today.  I don't say it often enough, but thank you for making this one of your regular stops.  With the millions of blogs out there to choose from, I am very grateful that you choose to hang out here.

Happy weekend!

Tablecloths as Curtains

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yesterday while visiting Cassie's blog I discovered a fun little blog called Hello Newman's!.

When it comes to inexpensive DIY projects, Anne is a girl after my own heart.  Just look what she has done with Dwell tablecloths from Target!

To see more pictures from Anne's home go here.

Purged & a Summer Recipe

Monday, July 25, 2011

The yard sale was a great success last weekend and probably the easiest one we have ever had.  Very few items were left at the end of the day which is an added bonus.  Thank you nice man with the big biceps who bought the Avon cologne cars!

Friday while I was scurrying around getting ready for the sale, I received a text that read, "got corn & maters".  This was my husbands funny way of telling me that someone at work had shared corn and tomatoes from their garden.  We had so much of it that I made one of our favorite summer dishes.

The ingredients are simple:

fresh tomatoes
fresh raw corn
red onion (or if you want sweeter, use vidalia)
Italian dressing made according to package directions.

Use what you have.  Add dressing to taste.  Mix together, chill, and serve.  Sometimes I throw in a handful of herbs.  Enjoy!

I have been invited to share my recipe with StoneGable & 33 Shades of Green.

About the Butterflies...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When I shared pictures from the kitchen last week, a few of you inquired about the butterflies.  I know there must a million and three butterfly projects around the blogs, and here is one more.

I used unfinished shadow boxes from AC Moore that I bought with a coupon.  The must have cost around $5 after the coupon.  I primed and sprayed them with a can of glossy black on the exterior and white on the inside edges.  The inside backs were rough so I used spray adhesive to line the backs with white card stock.

These are the butterflies I used.  They are made of thin wood and are located in the scrap book section at Micheals.  I think they were around $2 after the coupon.

I played around with several different arrangements, but finally settled on this one with the blues together and the yellows together.  They were attached to the shadow boxes using a hot glue gun.  I'm tempted to go back and get another set to fill them in more, but for now they make me happy.

...and Another Thing

Saturday, July 16, 2011

With all of the changes taking place in my sun room, this little foot stool seemed to stand out - in a not so good way.

I love the stool itself and the meaning behind it.  To brief you, my mother did the needle point and gave it to my late grandmother who used it every day for many years.  My goal was to preserve what is there, but to cover it with something that will work with the neutral pallet in the room and add more texture, the key to getting a neutral room to work.  Needlepoint was not injured in the process.

 I decided to use a scrap of burlap that was left from another project.  I made a stencil from freezer paper with the number 1938, the year our house was built, and filled it in with permanent marker.  You can read more about the how-to here.

Joining Savvy Southern Style.

A New Rug for the Sun Room

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I was recently contacted by a representative from Rugs USA about reviewing an area rug.  There were so many great rugs to choose from that my decision was not easy.  As a matter of fact, I changed my mind several times.  Just ask the nice representative who helped me ;)

I finally decided on this one and am so happy I did. 

The rug is a 5 x 7 which is the perfect size for our little sun room.  The colors are exactly what I was looking for.  Our sun room doubles as a mud room and as much as I wanted to go with a whiter ground, the more natural ground made more sense.  The rug itself feels so great under bare feet.  It is made of polypropylene and not having any experience with this fiber, I was concerned that it might appear shiny and synthetic.  I am happy to report that the overall appearance and quality makes me one happy girl.  My sun room is a little closer to being finished now.

 For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more of my favorites...

Rugs USA is currently offering 20% and 30% off on select rugs - very tempting if you ask me.

Hanging Pictures in the Kitchen

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The last time that I shared pictures of the kitchen, the walls were still bare.  I wasn't quite ready to hammer nails into freshly painted walls and wanted to get a feel for things before jumping in.  Until recently, art was propped on the floor collecting dust.

One area that definitely called for art was the area to the left of the sink.

I am not one to hang a picture in every empty spot.  I like for art to "make sense" and feel right in a room.  I try not to force anything which is why it took me a while to commit. 
I thought butterflies would give a graphic punch and  I love that they have a touch of citrus and a bit of blue that I am using in the room.  Sometimes art is the best jumping off point to start the process - now I can pull a blue from the butterflies for the sideboard and trim the shades with the same blue.
Another area that needed  help was the spot behind the stove.  Adding the beaded board back splash left us with a lot of white and an easy place to hang pictures unlike the tile that was there before.
Last winter, I chose this one from a shop on etsy and love it.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so having a loving reminder "Southern style" is nice.
Another change was adding this chalk board to the pantry door.  If your house is like mine, you will open the door and find an empty box of whatever you were planning to have for lunch.  This board is here to hopefully eliminate that.  When we run out of something we write it on the board.  Easy - and so far it works.

Just in case you are new to my blog, the long pieces to the left are growth charts.  We have always kept them in the kitchen in this spot.  I love that they blend in with the decor and don't have monkeys and fairies on them.  Find out how to make them here

I have missed having pictures of the boys ever since adding the plate wall.  These pictures have been leaning in our bedroom since last year.  Having those reminders of our little ones was always a bright spot in the kitchen so I decided to bring them back on a side wall. 
This time I used the toothpaste trick for hanging pictures and it worked like a charm.  One hole per picture instead of twenty seven.  On the opposite wall, I am considering making some sort of sign.  Have you ever made one?  I really like this one...

Speaking of Bamboo Shades

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last week when I wrote about bamboo shades and where to hang them, I received lots of feedback and thoughts on shade placement.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  I love blogging for many reasons and one of them is to have a group of people to turn to for opinions on decor - so thank you! 

One of the comments that was left was actually a question from Erin who asked:

Erin (Out on a Limb) July 7, 2011 11:41 AM  

I have them throughout my house installed inside, however I have a triple casement window in my living room with really puny casements separating the three windows making it hard to install this way. Any suggestions?? One large shade that's 88" (the overall width of window) would cost me a fortune and I'm afraid three smaller ones mounted on the outside would look strange..
Erin had such a great question that I asked her to send me pictures of her window so that we could help her decide what to do. Here is the window...and by the way, aren't the curtains and lamps great? 
Here is a closer look at the moulding...

Some more information from Erin:

"Ideally I'd love to have one blind/shade to span the three paneled windows which measures 83" from end to end (inside mount).  Right now, that would cost a fortune for me unless I come up with something creative.  The problem is that the interior portions or molding separating each third of the window only measures 1/2" deep, making it difficult to mount three individual blinds the traditional way.

The only thing I can come up with is finding something like the old $5 ikea matchstick blinds I had years ago and attach to the top with s-hooks."
Here are three scenarios (please use your imagination and pretend like the sheers aren't there):

1. Go with Erin's original wish and hang one matchstick/bamboo blind at the bottom of the top window casing like this:

2.  Hang one shade high along with the curtain rod like this:

 3.  Hang individual shades for the three windows like this:

I found a source for matchstick blinds called Matchstick Blinds - go figure.  They are reasonable, but the shipping is a little high.  Also, many lengths are available and you can cut them yourself.  All you do is roll them up and use a fine tooth saw or blade.  To mount them, all you need is two hooks or screws and they can be mounted from above if needed.

So now it is your turn to help Erin with her windows.  What would you do?

Here are a couple more images to help you decide...

Decor Pad

An Herb Update and Some Pics From the Garden

Friday, July 8, 2011

It is late in the day for me to be posting, but I had to carve out a little time to give my devoted followers a proper send off for the weekend.  Better late than never, I guess you could say.

Does anyone remember my herb tower?

Here is what it looks like now.

 I think it is happy don't you?  We are enjoying fresh herbs for dinner every night.  Check out my favorite pesto recipe here.  Love me some pesto and fresh is far superior to anything store bought.  As for the artichokes, no signs of any yet, but I have hope.  Besides the plant itself looks great - so fingers are crossed.  Also, the cucumber is climbing a fishing line that I secured to the fence. 

Here are a few more pictures from around the garden.  The annabelles have turned green.  Forgive me for being negative, but I feel like summer is almost over when those suckers turn green, sniff.

  Walking down the path to the patio otherwise known as the "staycation" spot.  I probably should have swept first, but this is where real people and a dog lives after all.

 Everything needs to be pruned, but you get the idea.

Here is where Mr. does his thing with the grill.  Have I ever told you what a great cook he is?

 Happy weekend everybody!

Bamboo Shades - where do you hang them?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I recently purchased bamboo shades for our family/living room and went with the inside mount layered by drapes hung at ceiling height.  More on that very soon.  I see images around the web and can't help but notice that some bamboo shades are hung inside the window and some are hung above the window. 

Here are a few with inside mount...

My Home Ideas
Made By Girl
Here are a few images of shades hung high, a nice option if your windows lack casings or if your window is located well below the ceiling...

 My Home Ideas
In order for this to work, the molding should be completely covered when the shades are closed like you see in the above image. 
Cote de Texas

 When it comes down to it, I think it really depends on the trim detail, ceiling height, and overall look you are trying to achieve.  Do you have a preference?
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