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DIY Cyanotype

Friday, May 20, 2011

SR Gambrel Via Canadian House and Home

Cyanotype art is beautiful in mass and I would love to try this one day for a gallery or grouping just not sure where yet.  Note to self, must find a place.
Canadian House and Home

Or cut to the chase and print them from here.  Have you tried this before?

The Rest of the Kitchen

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hopefully you aren't tired of seeing pictures from the kitchen changes.  I promised to share the other changes that I made over the weekend so here they are.

To get the full effect, I always like to see the before and after.  Above is what our kitchen used to look like.

And here it is now with the new shades (which do roll up and down, by the way), a fresh coat of BM gray owl, beadboard, and the cabinet doors removed from the cabinet to the right of the sink.

We wanted open shelving here, but haven't taken the plunge.  So, as an economical and temporary fix that just might be here a while, I removed the doors and painted the background gray owl.  We also finished the beadboard on this side of the sink.  I still need to get the correct switch plate covers and there is some touch up painting that needs to be done.

Breakfast area before.

Breakfast area after.  Not a huge change, but the color is so fresh and airy now.

From the breakfast area before.

From the breakfast area after.  It finally occurred to me to paint that ugly vent the same as the wall.  Much better.  You can also see Rosemary there to the left.  She is going to another room and side table will go in this place.  Does anyone have a good shade of peacock paint you would recommend?  Also, the banquette cushion needs updating and I am considering a vinyl (something that can easily be cleaned).  Any suggestions?

Fabric Covered Roller Shades - Finally

Monday, May 16, 2011

When I started this little project, my hopes were to add a touch of color to the windows over the kitchen sink while allowing the natural light to continue to flow through.  My other goal was to spend as little money as possible.  So far so good.

This was such an easy project!  The shades were cut to size at my local hardware store and I literally glued the fabric to the shades.  You can find similar roller shades here that peel to width.

First I spread the fabric out face down and rolled the shade just beyond the desired length.  Then I trimmed the fabric about 1/2" wider and 1" longer than the shade. **Note the shade is actually longer than I needed so I only covered the length that would show if the shade was closed on the window.

When the time came to glue the fabric to the shade, I could not locate the fabric glue so I used a glue gun loaded with fabric glue sticks instead. 

I worked my way around the sides until the fabric was attached on all sides.

My shades have to be rolled up manually and no longer have the pull release feature that sometimes works - sometimes doesn't with roller shades.  This is OK with me though because they will never be pulled down. 

When I tried to roll the blinds up and down previously, I had not correctly installed the brackets.  They do officially work.  Sorry for the confusion.

Did you notice any others changes?  To keep this post from being too long, I will share them tomorrow.

****Revised to say***

Read comments below.  Fabric that is too heavy may not work for this project.

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Roller Shades - Some Lovely & Funny Inspiration

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's pretend for a moment that the rectangles are shades and the squiggly lines to the right of the sink are open shelves.  Let's also pretend that the bead board back splash is finished.   While we are at it, let's just say that the walls are a nice gray.
In an earlier post, I shared some lovely Roman shades in kitchens and thought that maybe this would be a good option for our kitchen.  The other day the new rug arrived Joss & Main and now I am trying to decide on fabric.  The other thing I am considering is possibly covering roller shades with fabric instead of making three Roman shades.  I believe it would be much easier and realistically, the shades are going to remain in the up position most of the time.  Here are a couple of the roller shade projects that inspire me.

I cannot let this opportunity pass without sharing Lakeitha's roller shade project which made me lol.  I really appreciate her honesty in that post.  We all have those moments - thanks for that Lakeitha!

Here is where I would love your input.  I have a few fabric choices and wonder what you think.  The walls are going to be painted.  So pretend they aren't green.



Yesterday, I found another fabric that I love even more than these.  It is a chartreuse with white flowers and I have a side table in the kitchen that I would like to paint peacock blue.  My computer isn't co-operating or I would share  a picture of the swatch with you.  What do you think?  Do any of those fabrics speak to you? 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks to you I ...

am a better person

love flowers, animals, and old houses

want to be the best mother I can be

write thank you notes

know funny old sayings

give back

have become a compulsive furniture re-arranger ;)

I love you more than words can express.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Pawley's Island Posh

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This living room has been in my houzz folder for a while now.  I have fallen head over heels in love with it!  The cheerful colors and the fresh airy feel is exactly what I would love to have in our home 24-7.  Let's have a look...
Contemporary Beach Living Room traditional living room
Julia Ryan via Houzz

Contemporary Beach Living Room traditional living room

Julia Ryan via Houzz

Contemporary Beach Living Room traditional living room
Julia Ryan via Houzz

Guess what?  Julia has a blog and I do believe this gorgeous Pawley's Island home is for sale.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This isn't a normal post for me, but in light of recent events, I felt it was the right thing to do.

"Daddy, we'll have to be strong for each other."  --Alex Bradshaw

I will always remember that day in September.  It started like any other fall day.   The sky was blue, the air was clear.  The leaves were barely beginning to turn.

It was Tuesday which meant that I volunteered in my oldest son's art class while my younger son, Parker stayed at home with Mr.  As I was about to leave the school office, it became clear to me that something horrible had happened.  As soon as I got into the car I turned on the radio only to hear that a plane had flown into a building in NY.  Once I arrived at home, Mr. and I watched the television as the second plane flew into a building.  We continued to watch in shock as our toddler sat at our feet playing with legos.  I kept looking at him wondering what kind of world our boys would grow up in.  My heart ached.

That night as I crawled into bed, I turned the TV on for one last update.  It was then when I realized Sandy Bradshaw, mother to Alex - a little girl in Parker's preschool class - had died on Flight 93.  Sandy was a flight attendant who flew only once a month. Like many others on this flight, she wasn't originally scheduled to be there.  My heart ached even more. 

When I learned of the recent events, it brought back all of those emotions again.  I imagine those who lost loved ones feel this pain every day ~ while it does get easier in time, the hurt never goes away completely.  "Never forget", I remind myself.

Thank you to the Navy Seals and all men and women in the armed forces who put themselves in harm's way so that our lives might be better.  Hopefully this will bring comfort and closure to the families who lost loved ones.  As Mother's Day approaches, my heart goes out to the mothers who lost children and to the children who lost mothers on that September day - a pain that I cannot imagine.

Parker (now 12 years old) said that I could share this poem he wrote in school last semester.  His words seem to say it all.


The sweat, the blood,
a band of brotherhood
The fighting, the tears
The death and loud cheers
To work, to train
To suffer endless pain
The families at home
Make you feel alone

The fight, the win,
To kill may be a sin
To kill the bad, 
May still make you sad
The effort, the sweat,
And not much that you get
Except for the thought
For our country you fought.

For the people who serve
Who have real nerve,
This is for you
And all that you do
And you haven't a clue
Of how much we love you.
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