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DIY Monogram

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybe it's the inner prep in me, but I love a good monogram.  Yesterday when I saw this post my wheels started turning.  Did you know that you could use this site to preview monograms?  Beats photoshop and paint any day in my opinion.  Check it out...

k.f.d. designs (tutorial)
When I see the colors Kristen uses it makes me want to take more chances with color.
Her bedroom is amazing and if you haven't seen her blog, prepare to be inspired.
Every post leaves me wanting to start a new project.

Shannon Berrey Design 
This was the monogram that started it all.  I'm loving this image and everything in it.

So what are you going to monogram?


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Burlap Curtain and Fixed Shade Tutorials

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 Bolsters from DIY Pillows
I must admit that after I promised a tutorial for how the curtains and shade for the bedroom were made, I had to chuckle.  To be honest, I cut a lot of corners and they aren't perfect or the way you are "supposed" to make window treatments.  So here goes anyway...

 Basically, I studied the big catalogs to determine how I wanted the hems to look at the top and bottom.  The top hem is 2".  Simply turn fabric under 1/4" and press, then turn under 2" press and stitch.  Then do the same thing for the bottom hem only using a 4" hem instead of 2" for added weight.  By the way, this does not have to be a sewing project.  You can also use stitch witchery or the iron on tape if you prefer.  I hung mine with clips.  Easy.
 "Z" pillow from my friend Sherry
Also, these curtains remain closed but allow a generous amount of light to pass through.  Our neighbor's house is in close proximity and the curtains are for privacy and texture so I did not line them.  Burlap curtains usually aren't lined in the catalogs either.  Burlap comes in many colors.  I think cream would be very pretty either alone or with a bright ribbon or Greek Key tape along the leading edge.  Just thinking out loud.

My panels are the width of the fabric itself.  In other words, I used the raw edge as is without hemming.  Actually, you don't even notice it at all.  This is how you make window treatments in 30 minutes - you cheat ;)

 OK, now for the fixed shade...we needed something to cover the Redi-Shade at the top of the window, but I wanted it to cover as little of the window as possible.

  I decided 14" would be the perfect length for the shade and I worked with the folds until they were uniform and the shade measured 14" in length.  The width of the fabric and the window were 50".  So again, I did not hem the sides.  How lucky was that?  I then pinned the folds into place and stitched each one straight across.  Again, you could use other alternatives to sewing.

 There are many ways you can hang a shade.  The most popular way is to attach it to a 1X2 board and affix the 1x2 to the wall or molding with L brackets.  I wanted the shade to have hardware similar to the curtains, so I used black upholstery tacks that I had on hand.  Can you tell that I didn't measure for this part, but instead "eye-balled" it?  Again, this isn't perfection, but I am very happy.
If you have questions, email me.

I am sharing this with My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and  Funky Junk.

My Not So Grand Foyer

Friday, February 4, 2011

I live in a cottage neighborhood filled with homes mostly built in the 1930's.  All of the houses share a similar original floor plan and over the years younger families have moved in and added their "touch" to make them a little different from the rest.  One thing that hasn't really changed about our homes is the lack of a grand foyer - well, any foyer really.  A few of the lucky ones have slightly larger entries, but not grand by any stretch. 

This is what our "foyer" looked like a year ago. 
Then I added the happy tape.

What we really needed in this space was a tiny, and I do mean tiny table.  A place for keys, mail, and maybe a pretty flower to greet us.  I took a table from another part of the house and gave it a fresh coat of BM Black left over from the bathroom.  The other day at Hobby Lobby I found these knobs.  They also had knobs with initials, but according to Hobby Lobby, the alphabet ends with "y" and I needed a "z".  There were lots of other great knobs there too if you are in the market for hardware.
Sometimes I like unexpected proportions like large over small.  I thought it was a fun way to bring Dad's mirror into the present.

TVs {Ugh}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Arranging a living room can be challenging enough when you have a fireplace, but throw in a tv and it gets even more complicated.  When arranging our family room, the fireplace and the mantle are the two things I find myself working around the most.  And by the way, I rarely get to watch tv which ups the frustration factor even more.  We currently have our tv in an armoire and I have had it listed on craigs and in our local paper but still no takers.  If we do eventually sell it, I would love to find something smaller that takes up less visual space.  Mr. wants to mount it above the fireplace, but I have been looking at credenzas and corner tv stands.

Decor Pad
Decor Pad
House Beautiful

Recessed Television contemporary living room
 Southern Living

 Loft & Cottage
Life in the Fun Lane

What about you?  Where is your tv?
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