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Client Work in Progress

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I wanted to share a sneak peak of a local client project that I worked on last fall.  The plan included two rooms - a playroom and kitchen.  I mentioned the kitchen in an earlier post.  The other day, I received these work in progress pictures and cannot wait to see more.  Projects like these take time, start to finish, and when the photos start rolling in I am one happy girl.

To begin with, here is the mood board that I created for the kitchen.

The plan was to paint the cabinets gray and bring in some additional storage keeping in mind that the kitchen will most likely be renovated in a year or so.  (I am a big believer in enjoying and making the most of what you have now even if you plan to make big changes down the road.) 

Here is a work in progress picture of the kitchen.  The walls haven't been painted yet, but I love the way the cabinets turned out blending more with the existing tile.  Painting the edge of the counter top to match the cabinets was a great call!

We considered adding a decorative paper to the back of the pantry, but for now, the fresh coat of gray and the addition of the baskets is such an improvement.

Moving on to the playroom.  This is a space for doing art work and playing games.  The bonus is that it is close to the kitchen allowing my client to keep an eye on the boys.  She loves geometric fabrics, has a great design eye, and is in the vintage circuit (not sure why she needed me honestly) - here is the mood board for the playroom.

And, here is the work in progress picture.  I really like the ikea system for hanging children's art work, but my client thought it would be too busy in this space.  Instead, she added frames to display her boys' art.  I love the graphic punch it adds to the room.  The fabrics are there for visual reference.  The shade needs to be made and bench recovered, but you get the idea.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to share once all the details are in place.


  1. Looks great Renee! So fresh and stylish.


  2. Oh, my gosh, if I'd know you were going to post them on the blog I would have used a real camera in the daytime! We got SO many compliments on the rooms this weekend from folks who had never been here before-- I gave your name out a lot!!

  3. its looks awesome! great job! love that black & white rug!!

  4. So exciting!!! Love the gray paint on the cabinets. What a difference it made. Who doesn't love paint.....such a game changer. Can't wait to see more!

  5. What a great job you have done. So much more organised and so much style infused in the space. Keep us posted on the finished product.

  6. Looking good! I agree painting the bullnose on the counters was a perfect idea...I really love the colors you are working with, she is one lucky gal to have you, thanks for sharing!

  7. Great way to make the most of the spaces until the major overhaul, fresh and exciting. Oh the magic of paint, and clearly thought out inspiration and good collaboration.


  8. Awesome, awesome job, Rene. Those fabrics/rug are great in the playroom and I love the art and the row of low hooks. The kitchen's also feeling so much more pulled together and pretty. Congrats!

  9. Looking great Rene. The gray on the cabinetry makes a world of difference and I love the grouping of frames for the playroom.

  10. Love your mood boards! And I love seeing how your clients are turning your suggestions into such beautiful rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your redos!!! So many great ideas on your page.


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