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My Favorite Room: Rachel from Just a Touch of Gray

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today I would like to welcome the absolutely adorable Rachel from the blog Just a Touch of Gray.  Welcome Rachel!

Hi! I'm Rachel from {Just a Touch of Gray} and I'm thrilled to be here at Cottage and Vine today! When Rene asked me to pick a favorite room to share with you it was a harder decision than I would have thought! But today I'm going to share our MASTER BEDROOM with you.

I love this room. It is our little retreat to end our nights and start our mornings. When I started thinking about the design I knew I wanted a neutral color palette and a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. To start I wanted to create a focal point, an element of drama. It all started when I laid eyes on this fabric... 

... so Operation: Headboard Build was officially underway. And I wanted it tall tall tall!  

First comes the plywood... 

Do you like hubs makeshift compass? :)
 Then comes power tools...

Then comes foam, batting, fabric, and a lot of staples... 

 What's the end result, you ask?  


Next the walls went grey, Ikea dressers were brought in, and my favorite mirror I've had since high school was added to the corner.

Stools were added to the foot of the bed, and accessories adjourn the nightstand.

Did I mention the room looked like this when we bought the house?

And I have to admit it really didn't look much better when we moved our stuff in...

But we went right to work transforming it into a relaxing and stylish oasis that made us happy to walk in. 

Now back to the afters... 

Ok, ok. Want one more before pic? 
Opposite the bed we have a little hallway with closets on each side leading into our master bathroom...

And now...

This fall we added these frames to a blank wall to the right of our bed. They are all images from our wedding and I love highlighting that incredible day in our bedroom.

So that's it! 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our master bedroom! It really has become a favorite room of ours! 
Rene - Thanks so much for having me on your amazing blog - definitely a favorite of mine! 

Rachel, I'm just gonna come right out with it, I want that headboard!  You guys did a great job making it - the curves are just gorgeous!  Thanks so much for sharing your favorite room today!

To check out more of Rachel's home improvements go here.


In honor of the thanksgiving season, Laura of Bright, Bold, & Beautiful has invited me over to share things I am thankful for.  The post should be up around 10:00 EST this morning so please drop by then.


  1. what a difference! it is so beautiful now and i am drooling over that hall light fixture!

  2. Wow what a great transformation. My Master bedroom looks the same way and I have been debating tearing out the wood trim and putting in white. Also, I am wanting to replace my doors, where did you find your white doors, or are they original. My interior doors are the 70's plywood doors :p
    Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring bedroom.

  3. Great headboard. I too want tall tall tall - now I am inspired to do it myself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the new bedroom style! really cute!

  5. Love the changes and I would love to have that headboard!

  6. What a pretty bedroom!
    Rene, I love your new blog design! Your header is so pretty!

  7. Gorgeous transformation! Just a beautiful space - love all the changes! Thanks for sharing her master bedroom and bath.

  8. The headboard is to die for! AS always Rene, thanks for sharing such great rooms and blogs with us!


  9. That is a GREAT headboard!! The whole room is beautiful!

  10. What a transformation!
    Really beautiful! Love all the creamy colors!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Lovely greetings...

  11. Thanks so much for having me, Rene! To answer a couple of these comment questions... the light fixture between the closets is from Overstock - yup, one of my go-to sites! We did replace all doors (Masonite)and trim throughout the entire house after moving in. It made such a huge difference. Of course just painting what you have white would make a huge transformation too!

    Feel free to email me with any questions.

    Thanks again, Rene! It was a pleasure!

  12. Love the new header Rene! Thanks for having Touch of Gray, love her room and the headboard is wonderful!

  13. What a beautiful room Rachel...and I love to see before and afters. What a difference paint and a new light fixture made for your hallway into the bathroom. Love the headboard too!

  14. I want one, too! What a beautiful retreat you've created!

    Love the new look, Rene, timeless just like your style.

  15. Beautiful. Love your wall arrangement too! Fabulous job on the headboard.

  16. I just love Rachel! She's so talented. I'm excited to find your blog. I'm a new follower. I hope you'll follow me back but no pressure. Also, if you ever need a guest, I'd love to do it!

  17. Beautiful...what a great transformation! Love all the soft colors and the headboard is fabulous!! The peek into the bathroom is great, too!


  18. Rachel has such a way with design, her transformations are always gorgeous and her master bedroom is no exception. It is so serene, yet comfortable.

  19. oooo, I love the headboard. I'm totally waffling about whether I should buy or try to DIY a headboard for my daughter's room...

  20. Pretty! And I want to see more of that bathroom!

  21. Such a beautiful bedroom! The before and afters are amazing! Love the bathroom too.

  22. *** Rachel & Rene~

    *** WOW, WOW and oh yes, W*O*W!!!***

    Such a beauuutifully calm, elegant and perfectly sumptuous Master Bedroom you've created, Rachel... Your talent, taste, editing and sense of scale are right on target, and you should be SO PROUD of yourself as WELL as loving it all!!!

    I'm just "amazed" (!) at this uber-fab transformation *|(and that UBER, UBER-YUMMY BED)~~~ I'm so glad I came to see you Rene, and so glad y'all could share this with us!

    *** INSPIRATIONAL!!! ***

    Linda in AZ *

  23. I love everything she does. Such a gorgeous room. The fabric on the headboard is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. And I thought I didn't like this soft grey, beautiful! :D

  25. So beautiful....just beautiful....the headboard is large was the plywood....howtall is the headboard and did you attache to the wall or?

    Simply lovely....what a peaceful beautiful room....

  26. Oh, that headboard is beautiful! They did an amazing job with their bedroom. What a darling couple they are, too!

  27. Wow! Her master bedroom is gorgeous! What an amazing transformation. It was well worth all of their hard work! :)

  28. Rachel's bedroom truly is a retreat. Love the colors and the luxury and yet comfortable feel it exudes. Love the gold frames against the grey and all the accessorizing.

  29. Gorgeous! And I have to say that the snippet of her vanity that is shown through the open door makes me want to see her bathroom!! Going to wander over and see if she's shared that already. ;) xo Rosa

  30. You must just sigh with happiness each time you go into your room. I would!

  31. Amazing headboard...I am tempted to try this in my girls room!

  32. I love the transformation. Great inspiration for others to know that we can do it! :)

  33. can you tell me the gray paint color you used in master bedroom,and hallway? The shades are gorgeous.


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