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My Favorite Room: Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sharing her favorite room today is Darlene of Fieldstone Home Design.  Welcome Darlene!


Thank you so much for the chance to visit with your readers, Rene! I am honored to be guest posting as a part of Cottage and Vine's "My Favorite Room" series.

Before I dive in, I wanted to share my heart, since many of your readers may be in the same boat:

I love to decorate. In fact, I am an Interior Decorator who finds so much joy in revamping my client's spaces all over the country via eDesign. But, when Rene asked me to share my Favorite Room, my first thoughts were: "Oh, my! Which room can I even dare to share with her readers!?"

My husband and I made the crazy decision 6 years ago to bite off a bit more than we can chew, and we bought Fieldstone Hill, a gorgeous, historic stone farmhouse built circa 1820.
{Fieldstone Hill, after a few years of rescuing}
It came with wide-board, pumpkin pine floors.... that were black. It came with an authentic log cabin from 1796... that needed a new roof, and still is filled with holes. It came with stunning, deep window wells... that caused my hair to blow in the wind when I was sitting on our sofa. Oh, and that was the least of our list. In the first week of living in Fieldstone Hill, the septic backed up and filled our basement, the water stopped running, we had water dripping from our light fixtures, and black mud regularly shot in geysers out of our steam radiators. True story. No exaggeration here, folks.

oh. and I was pregnant with our first baby.


All that to say, this decorator has not spent much {hardly any} energy or funds on decorating our home. It is tempting for me to look around my home and feel bad about the fact that I have NOTHING finished, and easily become discontent. My home should look like a magazine! But that is a lie I choose not to believe.

All in due time. { sigh...and you should see what Fieldstone Hill looks like in my head! The stuff of dreams, I tell ya}.

So, today, I will share the only room in our home that is even CLOSE to being finished. Our upstairs bathroom.
I love this room. Why? Because there is no painting left to be done in it. Can anyone else relate?? I also love this room because my two little boys have to respect my privacy when I am in this space; so I get some precious alone time. Anyone??

Now for the tour! We refinished this bathroom immediately after moving in due to mildew infestation {I told you our list was long. Don't even get me started on the mouse poop}. It has been updated with lots of Carrera Marble, a shower that I designed, and by adding built-ins {the room formerly had no storage at all}.
Our bathroom features an old claw foot tub that I painted black. The walls are painted "Sachet" from Sherwin Williams old Martha Stewart collection {this paint is still available for the mixing if you head to Sherwin Williams and ask them to look it up}:
We added a built-in linen closet and drawers in an empty space behind the door {see below}. I designed the shower so that it would not need a glass door {ultimately, they will mildew}, and saved money by using ceramic subway tiles up the walls of the shower:
Below is a view of the half wall that makes up the side of the shower. This allows the room to feel more spacious, as the sunlight can get from one end of the room to the other. It also provides water protection, a handy little ledge, and {ahem} a place for toilet paper:
Using mosaic tiles is an excellent way to get a cheaper price, but still use gorgeous marble. We used Carrera marble tiles on the floor {below} and on the shower floor. We used larger slabs of Carrera to top thresholds and the half-wall ledge:
Some of the details that we added to this room can be seen below. We purchased an antiqued medicine cabinet {$30} and spent way too much time and energy bringing it back to life, but I love it. We also added shaker pegs all around the bathroom, which is both practical and architecturally interesting. You can see a glimpse of the interior transom window in this pic as well:
Below is a better view of the interior transom window. We added it because the hallway on the opposite side gets no outside light at all. We found the transom in perfect shape at an architectural salvage store for $10. I won't tell you how much we paid the painter to paint it....:
When we added an addition 4 years ago, we had to close in the window on the back wall of the bathroom. This was the perfect opportunity for additional storage! So we had some doors added. Now this bathroom {which we all share} has plenty of storage:
I am a fan of the spa. I think another reason why this bathroom is one of my favorite rooms at Fieldstone Hill is because it reminds me of being in a spa. If I make sure there are plenty of lavender soaps and fluffy white towels, then suddenly I am transported to my own place of relaxation:
Well, there you have it. My favorite room is my bathroom. And it is one of my favorite places to escape to, and close the door!
Still, one never knows what my favorite room will be by this time next year!
Thank you, so much Rene, for hosting me on your blog today! It was a delight!


Darlene, I think many of us can relate to finding the balance between home life and client work.  We all need a room to escape to and your bathroom looks like a perfect retreat.  Your home is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more of it.  Thank you so much for joining us today!  To visit Darlene's blog go here.


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  1. I love that big old tub! Some candles, a good book, and some lovely peace and a little peace and quiet whilst soaking in a tub like that sounds dreamy! I just recently started reading Darlene's blog and am smitten!

  2. Firstly, I love the name of the home and the marvellous stone exterior makes one think "history". Gorgeous bathroom and one can almost smell the lavender soap. I like all the thought put into keeping/adding natural light - makes such a difference to any space.

  3. Love her real post-- as I find myself in a similar situation! She did a great job on the bathroom!! Take care, Caroline

  4. Such a beautiful bathroom! I love the window, the tub, and the tile.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely room.

  5. Beautiful and I love the "keeping it real" of having to put major $$ into things that don't visually amount to much....I imagine that once Darlene gets rolling, this home will be stunning from top to bottom!

  6. What a beautiful room! I love the black painted tub! And that shower is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, wow, Darlene, you have a beautiful home and the bathroom is lovely! While I'm still a renter, I can really appreciate when renovators "keep it real" about all of the sweat equity that goes into restoring a historical home. Off to check out your blog!

    Rene, thanks for sharing Darlene's blog with us!

  8. Great bathroom! I'm heading over to check out her blog!

  9. Wow, beautiful bathroom. And the exterior of that home...all that gorgeous stonework...yowser!!

    Darlene, I really love how you used different finishes in the bathroom - brass, chrome, dark latch on medicine cabinet. If you have a chance, I would love to hear your thinking on this...I love how it looks. Well done :)

  10. Wow, I'd just like to send her some cholcolate or something! :)

    What an incredible home and vision, the bathroom is lovely and I'm headed over to you see the rest, I know I'll love it in its charming state...finished or not.

  11. LOVE the way Darlene writes so humbly and honestly...her home is GORGEOUS and I would LOVE to have that bathroom!!! The photography is beautiful too darlene!! definitely pinning this!

  12. that is gorgeous! i love the classic beauty and simplicity!

  13. I love how Darlene keeps her sense of humor in the face of disasters! But the bathroom is definitely not one of them! I'm in love. I can see why it is her escape!! The tub is gorgeous and I love the mosaic floor. All the details are simple and perfect!! What a wonderful job! Now I have to visit her blog! Thanks, Rene!


  14. Your stone home is absolutely beautiful and I think it's safe to say...something many of us dream of...sounds like you were very brave...I can't imagine some of the issues that you had to deal with in the beginning, but wow, it's gorgeous now! Love your bathroom and I agree that is one place that needs to be just the way you want it. Love all the storage, the floors and of course the tub that you painted black...gorgeous!!


  15. That is a beautiful the black tub! And yes...I can relate to not getting things finished at my own home either....thanks for the intro to Darlene's blog.

  16. The bathroom is gorgeous. I love it. The claw foot tub is gorgeous. I love the built ins, too.


  17. Hi, Rene, what a fun series! Love Darlene & her blog. She has fantastic taste & I had not seen her bathroom before. Gorgeous! Of course, I am not surprised.


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