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My Favorite Room: Sarah of Pewter + Sage

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today we have Sarah from the blog Pewter + Sage here to share her daughter's lovely nursery.  Welcome Sarah!

Hello! This is so exciting, I'm extremely honored and flattered to be hanging out here on Cottage & Vine talking about my favorite room. I thoroughly enjoy this series, and the rest of Rene's wonderful blog (she is so inspiring!) is so interesting to see and read about the spots other blogger's love in their homes.

My favorite room in our house is my daughter Maura's nursery (she's 13 months).

For a few reasons...but mainly because we spend so much great family time here. We love playing in her room, we enjoy quiet time together right before naps/bedtime here and I've logged countless hours nursing and rocking her here. It's also the room I've worked on most recently, so I would say its the best example in our house of my current style. I did something differently with this room from a design standpoint when I started putting it together as well; I really went for it. Like picked a color palette and thought everything through and purchased/gathered all the pieces in a relatively short amount of time and pretty much completed it (whereas all the other rooms in our house are like half done with lots of neutrals, huge to do lists and I now don't like some of the stuff I got for them way back when I started, etc.).

I love that this room is a mix of hand-me downs (like the crib) and new items (such as the Ikea dresser/changing table and Pottery Barn glider).

It's full of gifts from all the special people in Maura's life (love these ceramic birds from one of my best friends, hung them from the ceiling just next to her crib). The bedding was a present from her grandma and aunt.

In this room are also personal things of mine (and my husband's) I've saved over the years, which add that special vintage touch. (My aunt painted the Muppet's painting for me for my 3rd birthday, that's one of my copybooks from 1st grade and a pair of my baby shoes!)

Some antique finds (like these 19th century hand-colored botanical lithographs scored at the Brimfield Antique Show) give the room a bit of sophistication, while these old school paper chains (that we made for Maura's first birthday party last month and decided to hang from her ceiling afterward) keep it all light and fun and whimsical.

Really I just want to hang out wherever this girl is, but I guess it doesn't hurt if the room looks pretty good too, right?!

Thank you so much for having me, Rene!!! This was fun:)


Sarah, what a charming nursery!  The colors are so fun and fresh and the way you incorporated meaningful items adds so much warmth.  Your daughter is such a cutie too, by the way!  Thanks so much for sharing this space with us today!

You can check out more of Sarah's blog here.


  1. Great job Sarah! Maura is one lucky girl to have such a darling place to call her own.


  2. I love seeing Sarah here for your series! And she did such a beautiful job in Maura's nursery. The curtains and the childhood books are my favorite things. Sarah and I have had the opportunity to connect through our sweet daughter's (who are about the same age) and all of this fun design stuff too.

  3. So excited Sarah picked sweet little Maura's nursery for this series. I LOVE her nursery!

  4. oh wow! i LOVE this room! going to check out her blog- thanks!

  5. That is a really pretty room! I love the paper chain idea. they add so much color and whimsy. The curtains are beautiful against the blue walls.

  6. What a sweet, sweet nursery. I love the colors ... the light blue walls + pink curtains are sweet, but not too girly. I can see why you'd be hanging out in here lots :)

  7. Oh, it's perfect! I especially love the hanging birds. Adorable!

  8. Very pretty! Of course, I'm drawn to baby girl nurseries these days ... ;)

  9. What a beautiful room for your darling little girl. I also love that you incorporated things from when you were a child and absolutely love the paper chains. Those little birds hanging like they are in flight are so sweet too! The color and pattern of the drapes on the blue is fabulous...all very pretty!

  10. Nursery's are always so cute to me :)

  11. Looks like a such a fun room to grow up in :)

  12. Thank you so much, everyone! It is very encouraging to hear all your positive feedback. So nice to meet some new faces too! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful series, Rene:)

  13. Beautifully done! I love all the meaningful touches and those gorgeous curtains.

  14. Sarah, this is such a dreamy sweet room. I have two boys and am always so tickled to see rooms for girls and get my fix.


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