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My Favorite Room: Michelle from Vintage Junky

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today I welcome Michelle from the blog Vintage Junky.  Take it away Michelle!

I was so excited when Rene asked me to do a little tour of my favorite room.  I love her style!  I think that my favorite room in our house is our dining room.

It is the first room that you come to in our home.   It is also one of the first rooms we "finished."  I have been tweaking it here and there bit by bit though.

We recently switched out the chairs that originally went with the table with some curvier painted ones covered in grey linen.  My husband painted the Audrey Hepburn painting for me as a birthday present during our engagement.

I love having fresh flowers... don't we all?  I don't have them nearly as often as I would like though.  I also love ironstone and mercury glass.

Across from the table, I have this little area that I like to change more often than other areas.  I would like to add some other small pieces of art to this area, but I am waiting to find that perfect piece.

We switched out our basic builder chandelier with a vintage one that fits our style so much better.  My clock was a gift from my husband to celebrate me leaving my full- time job to be a work at home mommy.  He knew I had wanted a clock just like this for years.

That's my favorite spot!  I like being out in the front yard and our door being open just a crack and this being what you see.


Michelle your dining room is full of charm and meaningful objects and that is what makes it so special.  Thanks so much sharing your favorite room with us today!  To check out more of Michelle's home and blog go here.


  1. michelle has such great style! i always love her mix of neutrals with pops of aqua. her dining room reflects that perfectly!

  2. Beautiful room! Love the ironstone and chandelier! Love the aqua on the walls, too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great color on the walls! Such a pretty room.

  4. You some how manage to find THE BEST spaces week after week. I can't help but coming back and seeing each room!

  5. The Audrey painting rocks!! and love the room.

  6. Very pretty room. I like the personal touches - artwork and clock that are meaningful as well as the light fixture. I have been considering changing my dining room to a similar blue - it looks great!

  7. Michelle has a great eye and lots of wonderful ideas. I particularly love the frames with photos pinned inside.

  8. Beautiful room, Michelle! I love that your husband has such good taste and buys pieces for your home. What a sweetie! Love the Hepburn print and your mirrors are so pretty!


  9. Michelle has the best dining room!!! love it! the color her Hepburn print pulls at my heart strings everytime i see it!!!! LOVE

  10. What a great dining room! A fun wall color, meaningful items and a touch of glam on the ceiling. How wonderful.

  11. So pretty! This is such a great series, Rene. I look forward to it each week.

  12. What a unique and lively space. So pretty - love all the little details!

  13. You give me so many great ideas and I love them all.
    Peacock & Vine
    ps - love your name too!


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