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My Favorite Room: Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today we have Mary Ann here to share her favorite room.  Mary Ann writes the delightful blog Classic Casual Home.  Welcome Mary Ann!

My Favorite Space is Rene's Dining Room (did you see her makeover)?!!
Ok, after THAT my next favorite space is more like
my private sanctuary.  A place where I am forced to close my laptop 
and just let my mind relax.  

A place where no one is allowed to enter except the 
readers of Cottage and Vine.

We completely remodeled this room in our 1950's beach cottage.
My mother gave us the demi-lune table.  I like using furniture
in a bathroom if you have the space.  
My husband wanted the television.  I never turn it on.

I'd like a softly gathered Roman shade on the window. 
(no one can see in)
It's always something...
Decorating.   Does it ever stop?

We put in this checkerboard patterned tile that resembles polished cement.

I like this soft wool rug instead of a bath mat.  

Check list.  Ready?

1.  Soap from France--check

2.  Towels (in a vintage shell fish basket from Normandy)

3.  Monogrammed Terry Cloth Robe--check

4.  Chilled glass of wine--check (this is really just for staging purposes)
Ha!  Well, as long as it's there...

5.  Bubbles--check

Thanks, Rene for featuring my second favorite space.
Hey guys, would you mind closing the door on your way out?

Thanks so much for sharing your favorite room today Mary Ann!  Your bathroom is absolutely wonderful and your style is perfectly timeless.

To visit Mary Ann's blog and see more of her beautiful home, go here.  


  1. I love Mary Ann's home and this bathroom is to die for. She is so sweet and yes, Mary Ann we will shut the door.

  2. I recently discovered Mary Ann's blog and I'm so glad I did and it's fun seeing her on here showing us her favorite room - which is so beautiful. Makes me want to relax and take a bubble bath. Love that rug in there too.

  3. Beautiful that old basket...the rug and that crystal looks like mine:)


  4. Beautiful room! I'd love to take a soak in that tub(actually, I'd just like to have time for a soak.) Love all the little details! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the look. Elegance and simplicty combined....priceless. I could easily relax in this bath.

  6. I love Mary Ann's style - so timeless and chic! She has it going on in her private sanctuary!! Beautiful!

  7. WOW. i absolutely love that bathroom, especially the tub itself. gorgeous and chic yet cozy and rustic! off to check out her blog now!

  8. Mary Ann, you have a lovely bathroom! That tub is so shapely and would be a lovely spot to wile away the hours!

  9. Gorgeous-- and looks so relaxing...and love that tub!! Take care, Caroline

  10. Gorgeous! Love the real rug by the bath instead of a bath mat. So pretty, Mary Ann! Thanks for sharing, Rene!

  11. Hi René, I just got back to Newport Beach from NYC. We had to get up at 4 am east coast time...a bath is looking pretty good to me right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me visit.
    Mary Ann

  12. Beautiful! I like the white backdrop and all the details. xo

  13. So restful, yes please! Calgon take me away( am I dating myself?) I love Mary Ann ,love:)

  14. Mary Ann has a great sense of style and I love this bathroom...just lovely. I have the same tub and I love a good soak with a glass of wine to feel pampered!! I love the vintage table, too!


  15. WOW, MaryAnn enjoy! That is one fantastic bathroom!

  16. *** What a LOVELY OSTING!!! There's NOTHING MaryAnn could do that I wouldn't like...... YES, I'm pretty darned sure of THAT!!!

    MA's keen sense of PERSONAL STYLE and FAAAABULOUS eye for editing & appropriate scale, BESIDES all her OTHER design/decorating skills (like ridding her home of extraneous "stuff"!), are just flawless... Verrrrrry seldom am I able to say "I could move right in, as it is today, and NOT change a THING because it's sooooo PERFECTLY SUITED to my wants n' needs!!!".... I even think my husband agrees, as I have coerced him several times to see something she has posted & he HAS liked it... (besides, she's in SO CAL, where we were born n' raised!!!)...

    A bathroom, much like the master bedroom, IMHO, S*H*O*U*L*D be calm, soothing, immaculate, FREE of clutter so one's mind can be FREE of any stress, annnnd can "breathe"~~~~ AND, also be just plain "PRETTY as a PICTURE", and it IS!!!

    So glad you shared this because, on top of EVERYthing else, she is simply one nice gal!!!!!!!!!

    Warmest wishes n' many thanks,

    Linda in AZ *

  17. Awesome post but then again I expected nothing less from Mary Ann and just knew her "private sanctuary" was going to be fabulous and influenced with a little bit of France. Love the idea of furniture in a bathroom too, so European! Like you not crazy about the TV in a bath but its a "guy" thing so I can relate to you throwing him a crumb and obliging.
    Love the French soap, monogrammed robe, and soft thirsty towels in a beautiful basket. Also love a real rug as opposed to a bath mat, you have a stunning room and its great to discover a new blog at the same time!!

  18. I love Mary Ann's bathroom, but her kitchen is to die for! There is one word to describe her bathroom-serene.

  19. Mary Ann, I love your bathroom. It is *gorgeous* !!!!! I love everything about it, especially the marble countertops, and the bathtub, and the floors....*le sigh*....I would put an electric fence around it and make all family members wear chock collars to keep them out! ;P

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a beautiful and relaxing bathroom! A bubble bath in that tub would be heavenly. Mary Ann has lovely taste! I will pop over to her blog to see more.

  21. Mary Ann's home is gorgeous and her lovely bathroom is no exception!

  22. Beautiful bathroom. Luxurious and elegant. Love the pendant light.

  23. I also love to decorate bathrooms as any other part of the house!
    Incredible one here.

  24. Your bathroom is beyond stunning...and that chilled glass of wine in crystal...what we'll do to stage a room! This is perfection, just like the rest of your house!

  25. Mary Ann, I love the comment about the wine there for staging purposes! I love the table..and the basket is perfect. Great cabinet design too! I can see why you'd love this room!

  26. So beautiful. Wow. I feel like I stepped into a spa. Especially with the chilled white wine in the Waterford glass. What a lucky lucky girl.

  27. Beautifully appointed to the nines. Love the demilune table. So sweet of your Mom.
    Don't have to close the door, cuz I'm not leaving. LOL. Ginger

  28. Mary Anne's bath is so relaxing - I'm feeling better by just looking at the photos :O)

    Glad to have found your lovely site today too!


  29. Beautifully done; such a calm space and amazing high ceilings!

  30. I adore Mary Ann, and her fabulous style. What a gorgeous bathroom with the most relaxing tub...ahhhh!!

  31. What a great series, Rene! I also love Mary Ann's home and blog! I love that she uses furniture and area rugs in the bathroom! great idea. :)

  32. Holy cow! That is one gorgeous bathroom with such beautiful little details.
    I'm ready to move in with you, Mary Ann!

  33. Love your tile floor!! I would so go for that if there were a chance that Hubby liked it. So much nicer than plain white tile with always grubby looking grout lines.

  34. Perfect room. Thanks for running my bath Mary Ann!!! I just love your style....


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