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My Favorite Room: Nita of Mod Vintage Life

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today we have Nita here from Mod Vintage Life.  One thing I really enjoy about this series is that each guest brings a whole new style and Nita is no exception.  Nita lives in a 1930's tudor revival house and chronicles many of the updates she has made to her house on her blog.  Welcome Nita!

I'm so very happy to be asked by Rene to contribute to her series - "My Favorite Room". 
Cottage and Vine was one of the first blogs I read when I started my own it's fun to be included 
in a blog that I've long admired. 
It was hard for me to choose my favorite room but it came down to which room do 
I enjoy changing things up in the most. And that makes my 
{my favorite room}

I began the revitalization of my 1931 tudor/storybook cottage by designing and building a
reproduction art tile fireplace to replace the one that had long ago been removed from the home.

Oh how I enjoy decorating this mantel for each season.

After the fireplace was completed...I installed a 1920's chandelier and hand painted (by me) ceiling medallion.
I knew from the beginning that the ceiling would be blue.

Oh... I love this antique chandi!

 Ever changing vignettes throughout the room.

I can't resist giving you a peek into my dining room.
I completed painting all that furniture white this past spring. 
I am anxious to go all out holiday decorating it from Halloween through Christmas. 
For you see I'm pretty much a freak about decorating for all holidays.

See I make it really spooky at Halloween.

But very cheery at Christmas.

Be sure to come by my blog in October to see how scary I can make the dining room.
This will be my first year to decorate it for all holidays. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks so much for letting me share, Rene!


What a treat to see!  That fireplace is amazing!  And, she wasn't joking about the holidays - if you need decorating ideas Nita is your girl.  Thanks so much for stopping by today Nita!  To see more of Nita's home go here.


  1. What a fun color story! I love how she incorporates the pink into her Christmas decor, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i loe that beautiful blue color on the ceiling!

  3. What a delightful home! Is that a pink ceiling in the dining room?? Awesome! Everywhere you look here is something wonderful to gaze upon...


  4. What a beautiful space! I've been looking for some inspiration, and I think I just found it!

  5. I love Nita's home! It's so MAGICAL.
    You can tell that it's filled with love. I really like how it's so unique and... I'm stealing the blue ceiling idea!
    Fabulous post!
    Thanks! - Cindi

  6. So many beautiful little things to look at!

  7. Nita's home is filled with character and charm! I love her blue ceiling and that chandelier is beautiful. What a fun home and so well loved.

  8. That blue ceiling is great! ... Ok, so I was seriously creeped out by the person/mannequin in the Halloween picture.

    And speaking of Halloween... a PB arrived in the mail yesterday with several pages of Halloween decor. Man this stuff comes earlier and earlier every year. August? Is that normal? :)

  9. A simply gorgeous home, but the blue ceiling, chandy and medallion are swoon worthy!

  10. Gorgeous mantle and chandelier/medallion. Your home is picture-perfect.

  11. Such a lovely home...especially that gorgeous ceiling medallion.

  12. What a beautiful home! I would love to live there!

  13. What a charmingly unique space. I am bored with the white rooms. Love the sofa and the light blue ceiling particularly and I am not even a blue person. The light fixtures and lamps are stunning and I adore all of those pillows.
    Pam @ BeColorful

  14. What a delight! Nita, your spaces make me smile!


  15. Such a cute vintage space with surprises every where you look :)

  16. A very unique style, so beautifully done! Not everyone could pull this together so well. I especially love the photos at Christmas. Lovely! :)


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