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My Favorite Room: Courtney of A Thoughtful Place

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today we have Courtney here from the blog "A Thoughtful Place".  Welcome Courtney!

I was so honored when Rene asked me to be a part of this great series. She is one of my favorite bloggers around. Her impeccable style and kind heart are such a winning combination.
 My favorite room really has less to do with design and more to do with memories. Our house lacks a formal dining room, but the kitchen opens up to a rather large dining space. The table easily extends so  we have hosted countless holidays, tea parties, informal gatherings, and birthday parties. But more than that, these rooms are the heart of the home. Most days you can find me cooking dinner while the kids dream up their next big project at the dining room table. It's really where I love to be. Not only that, but the wood floors and open floor plan make for killer impromptu dance parties! 

The kitchen really came a long way and you can see all of the special touches we added right here. It's clean and simple with just a touch of glamour. It think that is the design style that really makes me most happy. 

The dining room drapes were my biggest accomplishment in this room. I like the clean lines and  the effect they have when they are drawn closed.

This room is also my favorite because it has the French doors that open to a side patio. I tried to bring the outside in with the touches of green and the botanical artwork {free by the way!}. The chandelier is that little bit of glamour I crave in each room.

These rooms are such a huge part of our lives. We have had countless giggles, messes, pretend cooking shows and projects born from these spaces. Quite simply, they are my favorite. Thanks so much for having me, Rene. 

A Thoughtful Place Blog 

It has been fun to watch the changes take place in your dining room Courtney.  It is beautiful!  Thanks so much for sharing your favorite room with us today!  

To see more of Courtney's work go here.


  1. Beautiful Courtney, in love with your kitchen! Great series ;)

  2. I adore Courtney! And, her home is beautiful. I love how she how she made the kitchen the hub of her home without compromising on style!

  3. It's just lovely! Beautiful and functional and so well put together!

  4. I like Courtney's style - clean and simple with a touch of glamour!! Her kitchen and dining room are beautiful!! Thanks for showcasing!

  5. Courtney's kitchen is beautiful. So classic. I love that her favorite room is built on memories :)

  6. Courteny has a beautiful home and style! Great series, Rene!

  7. Courtney is one of my favorites! I love her beautiful kitchen all over again, every time I see it!

  8. I love everything about Courtney's kitchen and dining room! Pure perfection!!

  9. I love Courtney's kitchen and dining area. I'm still waiting for her to make me some striped curtain panels ;)

  10. Courtney,

    Your kitchen is just beautiful! I love the white subway tiles and how they give everything a nice clean look. Love the drapes that you made, too! I'll be over to check out your blog!


  11. OK so if Carmel is getting a pair of panels, then so am I Courtney :)

  12. Very nicely the chandelier and the garden stool vignette. The drapes, too, have a great effect in the space.

  13. Drapes all around!!! Thanks for having me, Rene!

  14. Courtney's kitchen is gorgeous. It has such a light, fresh feel to it and very beautifully done. I like her comment about the kitchen having more to do with memories and the kitchen/dining area being the heart of the home. Courtney has exquisite taste and is also a sweetheart. Rene, you and Courntey are lovely, down to earth women. Glad to have met you both! Oh, and I would like a pair of the striped panels, too!

  15. I have had my eye on that drum light for awhile now. I love the antique brass work. Rene, you know how I like antique with a bit of modern ;)

  16. Love those striped curatins! And her kitchen is beautiful. Going to go check out her blog now!


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