Boudoir Pillow Tutorial

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Recently, a friend asked me for decorating advice in her master bedroom.  The room is a very nice space already, but needed window treatments.  As we were fabric shopping, we found this chocolate and creme fabric that we agreed would be the perfect touch on a pillow for the bed.  Not in the original plan, but that didn't stop us.  I will share pictures of the room as projects are completed, but for now I want to share with you how I made the boudoir pillow for the bed.

    •  Enough fabric to cover front and back of pillow form plus 6"
    • coordinating thread
    • scissors
    • sewing machine
    • measuring tape
    • straight pins
    • iron
    • buttons
     1.  Measure the pillow form.  Add 1" to the width and length of your measurement for the front piece and for the back piece, add 8" to the back length plus a total 1" for the top and bottom hem.  The back piece is going to be much longer than the front piece.  Cut the back piece in half from top to bottom.

    2.  To make the back of the pillow, fold in the edge along one of the edges width wise and stitch with a 1/2" seam.  Repeat this step with the other back piece.  Iron.

    3.  Lay front piece of fabric right side up.  Lay one of the back pieces on top of the front piece face down matching corners. Pin corners.  Lay second back piece face down a align with the other two corners of the front piece.  Pin corners.  The top and bottom back panel pieces should overlap by about 4".  Pin all the way around.

    4.  Machine stitch 1/2" all the way around the cover.  Iron.  Turn inside out so that face of fabric is showing.  Iron edges for a nice finish.

    5.  Determine button placement.  3 buttons were used in this case.  Mark fabric for button holes and follow instructions for button hole making according to your machine.  Sew buttons on.

    I can't wait to start on the window treatments...

    Grass Cloth

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

        The master bedroom has been an ongoing project.  It all began when I pulled a duvet cover out of the linen closet.  Wanting to add more color to the room to break up all of the dark wood furnishings, some of which were my from my childhood bedroom, I painted the night stands green.  I also made curtains and a boudoir pillow for the bed.

      I have always loved grass cloth, and as luck would have it, Mom and D recently finished hanging it in their mountain home and had enough left over for me to line the built ins.

       Some of you have asked about the "how-to" on this project and I apologize for not doing a full tutorial, but I will do my best to tell you what I did.  First I measured the height of the opening with a measuring tape.  Then I used a right angled ruler to mark a straight line on the paper.  Because of the width of the paper and the width of the shelves, I had to hang two pieces of paper per shelf.  I first hung the wider piece.  I tried to use two sided tape, but it didn't hold.  So I resorted to my trusty glue gun and this worked like a charm.  Once the widest strip was in place, I cut a second strip the same height and placed it beside the affixed piece.  I pressed the new piece into the corner until it was creased.  With scissors, I cut the strip along the crease and this became the second piece to glue into place.

      If that explanation makes no sense, please feel free to email me.

      On to the styling...the shelves are filled with books, art made by friends, and photos that we have collected over the years.  A few of the white pieces that you see were spray painted to add contrast.  The lovely starfish that you see, was won on a giveaway sponsored by The White Flower Farmhouse

      You can see where the seam is to the right of this picture.  I tried to position things on the shelves to cover the seam where I could and obviously didn't do too well here.  I love for our home to be filled with meaningful treasures.  This photo is one of a family vacation in Nags Head and the boys were feeding the seagulls. Now that I see this photo, I think the frame would look better white...stop it Rene.  The bowls were made by Dad.
      Over the years, I have accumulated quite a few home and garden books as well as Dad's old furniture making books and tools that have found a home in these shelves.  In the basket you see shells from one of our trips to the beach.

      I have always loved birds and have little signs of them throughout the house.  This pair of birds were bronze and I painted them white.  They look much better now.  The needlework is a blue-jay that Mom made years ago for my grandmother.  When she passed away it was given to me.  Then under the cloche is a hummingbird nest.  Mom found it this spring after a storm blew it out of a tree.  We have always wanted to see one of these little nests, but are sorry that it had to happen this way.

      This light was also given a coat of white.  It used to be ORB.

      If you noticed the window seat, in the second and fourth photos, I am still trying the get up the nerve to make a seat cushion.  I'm thinking navy with white piping or blue and white ticking...what do you think?  And those two little bolsters will need fabric any suggestions designing women and men?  The peach colored lamp on the chest of drawers will be updated too using this tutorial.  Sometimes I wish there was more time in the day...

        DIY Trellis

        Tuesday, June 22, 2010

        I had a completely different post in mind for today, but yesterday when I pretended to know how to use my camera, something went terribly wrong.  Hopefully I can figure it out today.
           Many of you have left comments about the New Dawn rose so I thought that I would share our DIY trellis.

          This wall is the exterior wall of the back of the garage and as you can see, there are no windows or doors.  Mr. and I wanted to add a vine to this wall, but trellises were a bit too pricey.

           To make our own trellis, we purchased garden fencing from Lowes and stretched it over screw hooks as you see here.  For reinforcement, we wired the fencing to the hooks.  We used four hooks to keep it in place, one at each corner.
          As the rose grows, we weave the new growth through.

          Happy Father's Day

          Sunday, June 20, 2010

             Wishing all of the daddies a happy day.  Have a little fun
            I always said that socks make the man....LOL.

            Hydrangeas and an Arrangement

            Sunday, June 13, 2010

               How was your weekend?  Are your ready for another busy week?  We are just back from dinner with Mom and D and I couldn't wait to share photos from the garden there.
               You can see the Annabelle and Nikko Hydrangeas.  Then in the background is a Natchez Crape Myrtle.  Molly is there to great us of course.
               We had a storm both here and in my home town that flattened the hydrangeas.  I'm so glad that I took pictures before this happened.  Hopefully they will perk up in a few days, but until then, boo hoo.

               It amazes me how so many colors can appear on one plant.  This is a French Hydrangea that we gave Mom years ago and it was a dark pink.   The ground cover you use makes a difference in the ph of the soil causing the flowers to change colors.  In this case, they are mulched with pine bark.  There is also an additive that you can find in garden centers that will change the color to a deeper blue.
              Have I ever told you that Mom is the master when it comes to arrangements?  She can take a few cuttings from the garden and create a beautiful display.
               The arrangement contains:
              white flowers: Gardenia
              blue, purple, and pink flowers: assorted hydrangeas
              variegated greenery: Acuba

              The Martha Growth Chart

              Wednesday, June 9, 2010

               This is old school Martha Stewart from way back when our kids used to nap.  Mr. CV and I made these growth charts for the boys and they hang in our kitchen.  Every birthday, the boys back up to the chart and we mark their height, age, and birthday.  Throughout the year, they each like to see if they have made any more progress.  What I like about it is that if we ever move, the charts can go with us and they blend into the decor without being too obtrusive.

              To get the step by step instructions to make the growth chart go here.
              The monogram initials also came from Martha and I found those here.

              The Portico

                My husband and I agree that if we could change one thing about our house, we would love to add a portico front porch.  I recently went around our neighborhood and took pictures that I thought you all would enjoy.  I think you will agree, porches add a great deal of charm to a home.  It's almost like a sneak peak of the interior.

                Last night was the first of the summer league swim meets which kept us out until well after 11:00.  Today we are off the a 5th grade completion ceremony followed by a pool party.  Tomorrow, the last day of school, is the 8th grade awards ceremony.  I do believe that June is the new May which is the new December.  Have a great day!

                She's Not Happy

                Tuesday, June 8, 2010

                   Over the weekend, Mr. CV and I rearranged furniture which created a domino effect around the house.  This caused Mattie Gray's (aka: The Co-Editor) bed to be moved.   On top of all of that, her weekend was disrupted with a bath and a missed walk.  She has been giving me the look ever since.

                  Sometimes she refuses to look at me at all.

                  Then comes the frown or as my mother would say, the Edith Bunker look.  Do you see the furrow over her brow?
                  I think she would rather be back in the mountains where she gets to hike and go out for pizza.  Who could blame her?

                  The First Sign of Summer

                  Friday, June 4, 2010

                     It may not technically be summer yet, but when the pool bag makes its way from the hall closet to the coat rack, we may as well call it summer.  This is where it will stay when not in use and it is used, ahem, almost daily during the summer.  The coat rack becomes the pool towel rack and the spring jackets return to the closet.

                    Yes this weekend Mr. CV, the boys, and I are all going to spend our time poolside working on our tans and reconnecting with our summer friends. 

                    By the way, our 14 year old son painted this picture when he was just a little guy and we have enjoyed his perspective of the seasons for many years.  I miss those days of our boys bringing home pictures from school, sniff.

                    Have a great weekend! 

                    The View

                    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

                       Maybe this will help to explain why I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things this week.  When we go to the mountains, we sit on the porch.  Period.  No, we do a few other things, but sitting on the front porch is a big chunk of it.  From the front porch we see....

                      ...and then there is Mom's window box that might possibly be my new favorite color combination of lavender, orange, and white.

                      I'm blaming my lack of motivation on the view and the fact that I would love to be sitting on the porch gazing at the pasture, the mountains, and the river while enjoying the cool mountain air.  What about you?  Would you rather be somewhere else?