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Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Where did you purchase the drum shades in your kitchen?

    Our drum shades came from came from Uttermost  and we converted canned lights with this kit.

    Are you a designer?  Do you have a design background?

    My background is actually in clothing and textiles where I spent several years working for a designer jeans company designing/merchandising shirts for men and boys.  Then I moved on to a large manufacturer of synthetic fabric where I designed story boards for the Junior fashion market.  Once our oldest son was born, I began working part time and quickly realized that part time work came with full time demands - only in less time.  My husband and I made a few adjustments and I have been home with our boys ever since.

    I need help with my house.  Do you ever do that sort of thing?

    Yes, occasionally I consult people locally with spaces in their home.  Interior design is something that I have enjoyed since I was a wee little girl and it is my passion.  While my training is in apparel/textiles, the two are very similar.  You can read about my services here.

    I love your front door!  Can you tell me the color?

    Ever since I painted the front door blue, I have gotten so many emails and comments about it.  Recently a neighbor was researching front doors online and came across my blog.  She recognized our front door and instantly knew who the blog belonged to so she contacted me for advice on her front door color.   Small world isn't it?  Anyway, our front door is BM Whythe Blue.  I love this color and have used in as an accent throughout our home.


    1.'ve peaked my curiosity!

    2. Whoops...I meant 'piqued'....forgive me it's early Saturday morning and haven't had my coffee....

    3. I love your entry, its classic and fun at the same time. Thanks for the FAQ.

    4. I didn't know you had those jobs. Nice to learn something new about you. Have a super day.

    5. I love finding out about people's backgrounds - and what an interesting one you have. i love your home - and your home's color scheme. Very soothing.

    6. We looked a coir and ended up going with wicker. I think it's just a smidge greener. But you're right - you can't always tell it's the same color in all three rooms (living, dining and kitchen) because the light is so different. The living room looks way green because of the trees outside, where as the kitchen looks much more yellow/khaki from the west sun in the afternoons.

    7. ~*~Your home looks gorgeous inside!You definitely look like a professional designer~*~*Thanks for sharing~*~Rachel :)

    8. Nice to hear a little bio...funny how fashion seques into interiors, you certainly have an eye for it that is for sure! --Gretchen O.

    9. Thanks for the background post... we really enjoyed it!


    10. Renee, will look forward to more and so nice to learn more about you!

      Art by Karena

    11. Fun post--never knew you used to work in fashion.

      And, glad to know about the drum shades and kit. I think that might be my next project.

    12. Thanks for the little peek into your life and home! Eddie Bauer Coir looks interesting. I'm having a tough time figuring out my living room paint--may have to try it...

    13. How interesting to learn more about you, well, we already know about your knock-out sense of style.

    14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your house is so beautiful!!!


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