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Market Perks - Thom Filicia

Monday, April 19, 2010

Working at the furniture market has its perks.  Yesterday I met Thom Filicia.

He arrived by limo, noticed us standing there smiling.  Thom knew what we were up to...he's seen the likes of us before.  He gladly dropped his bag, threw his arms around us and smiled for the picture...a kiss on the cheek , then off to his show room next door.  What a gracious man, the only way I could be more impressed is if he appears at my door and offers to redecorate my house.  Thom, what do you say?


  1. How fun girl! Sounds like the day was a total blast! Hope your having a great one today too! xoxo

  2. Lucky you! I should drive up and work the market. Do you think they provide childcare? :)

  3. Moments like that, and a photo to prove it all, gosh!
    Bask in the glory!!


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