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Shadow Box Sand Dollars

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi there pretties!

We are still snowed in here at Cottage and Vine, but that doesn't slow down the creative spirit.

The kids are out of school and most likely will be until at least Wednesday.   They just placed their lunch order of grilled Reubens, chips and a pickle, so I'd better make this a quickie, oh and brownies for dessert, yum.

I have been a fan of Pale and Interesting ever since BeachBrights shared their lovely website with us.   The boxframes are among my favorites, especially the sand dollars.


Isn't this pretty?  It makes me think of the beach and all of its smells, oh and that warm breeze.  

Anyway, I happen to have a collection of sand dollars that we picked up at a yard sale.  I bought a couple of unfinished shadow frames at AC Moore with a coupon and went to town.  All it took was paint, a glue gun, and paper.  Easy.



Martha Stewart featured Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings in the February issue.  She had some amazing shadow box ideas for the family.  

Do you have a shadow box?  If so, what's inside?  When it comes to shadow boxes the sky is the limit.

I am joining Completely Coastal.


  1. This looks great -- very beachy, especially welcome at this time of year.

    We just have little drifts of snow left, but it's a long way from summer, still.

    I can't believe how lovely yours look -- and also can't believe the ones in the other website are so costly! Holy moly -- thanks for this inspiration!


  2. Your shadow boxes are really beautiful! I have some sand dollars and shells that would look great in boxes, I never thought of it and now you have given me inspiration. thanks dear friend. Marla

  3. Rene, I had to do a double take! I thought they were all from the catalog.
    Those look beautiful! We're just getting around to decorating our house. I'll have to keep this project in mind. Is that scrapbook paper in the background? Thanks! Lisa

  4. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! You all keep me going!

    Lisa, the paper is 8.5 X 11 textured typing paper that I happened to have on hand. I'm sure that scrapbook paper would be better than what I used.

    Also, you could by standard mat board, but I didn't want to spend any more than I had to.

  5. These came out great! I'll have to head over to my AC Moore for shadowboxes b/c I love what you did here and sadly my dollar store doesn't have them!

  6. My daughter the beach bum would love this! :) I also loved your grass in the last post; we have some growing in an old vase of my mom's. Very cheering on a winter day.

  7. Thanks for sharing your idea - I can see that any natural collectible goodie would look great in this format - use a sheet of pretty scrapbook paper for a mat and the possibilities are endless!
    Terrie @

  8. These are really pretty. Even though they came from a garage sale they can still make you think about a trip to the beach. Cool!

  9. These are beautiful! I have a few sand dollars that are meaningful to me and I think I may try this so I can display them. And I love them matched up with the silver! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Rene, thank you so much for coming by my blog. I know don't you just love Pleats!!?? The shadow box with sand dollars is so charming. I just went to a huge flea market with my friend Terri at and she purchased a bunch of shells, I think you might really enjoy her blog looking at all of her shells, she truly has a passion for them. Let me know what you think,Kathysue

  11. They are gorgeous - and I already have the sand dollars!

  12. Love it....I have collected many shells over the last few year...thinking that a few of them just might find a new home soon. ;o)

  13. What a great way to display shells...I have collected a few that would look great that way. Come say hi sometime.

  14. These remind me of summers at the beach... I should make some now, because in a few months I know I will be tired of the cozy plaids and ready for cool, crisp stripes and these would look good with fun nautical stripes...

  15. ahhh...i love this! i want to incorporate this into my home because it just exudes a relaxing feeling! so clever, thanks for sharing!

  16. Glad you shared this post over @ A Soft Place to Land! I'm doing beachy makeover on my master bath and looking for ideas for the walls.

  17. Gorgeous! Love the simplicity:)


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