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Three Vintage Inspired Rugs I Have & Love

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shopping on line for rugs can be challenging, at least for me it can.  Sometimes colors don't look the same in person or the rug isn't as soft as you'd hoped it would be.  Returning a rug can be a huge hassle.  Today I'm sharing three rugs I have and love, but it wasn't easy deciding on them for the above mentioned reasons.

First up is our dining room rug by nuLoom.  Out of the three rugs, this one is the thickest and softest. The colors are taupe/gray and navy.  Shedding can be a problem with rugs and thankfully this one does not shed at all.  Actually none of my rugs shed.  The only thing that might bother someone is that is shows footsteps until it's vacuumed.  This doesn't bother me, but thought it was worth mentioning.  No pad is required.  I love this rug!  Would I buy it again? Yes!

Next up is our bedroom rug by Bungalow Rose.  This rug is soft, not as lofty as the dining room rug, but still great under bare feet.  It doesn't show any traffic pattern at all.  We haven't had it very long, but I get the feeling it will be very forgiving when it comes to wear.  The colors are off white that isn't too yellow, gray (similar the urban bronze, Sherwin Williams, a mid-tone blue, and black or navy (hard to tell).  The darker colors are a nice contrast to our mostly white room.  The description says that shedding may occur, but this rug has not shed at all. Would I buy it again?  Yes.

Last but not least is our living room rug.  This one was the most difficult to decide on.  I wasn't sure about the colors online, but I'm so glad I took the chance and put this one in my cart.  It is soft, but a bit thinner than the other two.  A pad is recommended though we aren't using one and its fine.  The colors are cream, spa blue, gray, navy, with gold accents.  Like the others, we have no problems with shedding.  We've had this rug in our living room which we use daily.  2 adults, lots of teenagers, and dogs and no problems with staining.  Would I buy it again?  Yes!

Deciding on the right size can also be a challenge.  You might find this chart helpful.

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